30. After the Thrill is Gone

Our training has been to see with filters, likes, dislikes, goals, achievements, meaning and analysis, language and positive affirmations, and not to see through the filters. Any negation of the thought process, anything against the status quo, is considered negative, and evil and dangerous. Our notion of self and the freedoms granted to us, along with the societal structures, and systems, are designed to enslave, manipulate, and to make us believe in an illusory future that never comes. The careful system of subjugation, to get us entangled into mass psychology, in hope of a better tomorrow. Annihilation happens when those walls are shattered, and filters are no longer.

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20. Your Moment is Now. Adieu!

You are always in control. Your tunnel vision grants you the ability to achieve everything you have ever desired and dreamed of. Your desired universe is precisely mapped out, by you. It’s your masterpiece, and you take so much pride in being the mastermind of your own masterpiece. You are always in charge of your senses. Always in control. Always so accurately measuring all the steps needed to getting it right the first time.

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