23. Let’s Bury Our Mother in Mother-Land

Exploit me, brainwash me, bend my will to your desires, “encourage” me to seek satisfaction, erection, elation, and euphoria, in the culture of maximum harm, of nonstop seeking, exploitation, and sell me to the highest bidder. “Grant” me individual “freedom”, and hold the noose over my head, in case I decide I don’t need “your freedom”. Make me beLIEve, and go numb to your abuse, and be “thankful” for breadcrumbs of exploited desires.

19. Little Fires Everywhere

We are the Takers, the Destroyers, the Laviathan, the Master, the Civilization, little fires everywhere. Let us enlighten, attain and refine you or the barbed wired social and economic conditions await you. Resistance is futile, and obedience, is the only way to survive the “tough” conditions, here at the refinery of civilization, on the way to the slaughter-house.

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