25. The Masque of the Sacrilegious and Destructive Iconoclast

We are the feral iconoclasts singing the song of destruction and malady, of despondency, resistance, rupture, of eternal rebellion, of rebellious jouissance. Us little monsters shrunken by space, iconoclasts impatient with every law and control, doing lager-time, while we pass by chanting in procession, bowed beneath the idols of fanaticism and unconsciousness, as we dance to the monotonous rhythm of death, the dance of the living dead, the uncivilized, the feral, resting in awareness one fierce visceral reaction to oppression, one timeless jouissance, at a time.

23. Let’s Bury Our Mother in Mother-Land

Exploit me, brainwash me, bend my will to your desires, “encourage” me to seek satisfaction, erection, elation, and euphoria, in the culture of maximum harm, of nonstop seeking, exploitation, and sell me to the highest bidder. “Grant” me individual “freedom”, and hold the noose over my head, in case I decide I don’t need “your freedom”. Make me beLIEve, and go numb to your abuse, and be “thankful” for breadcrumbs of exploited desires.

22. Revolt

The individual in revolt is a restless place between the night and the light, between construction and creation, between blue balls and orgasm. And more. The light itself is darkness. And that is all there is. The survival in which we are confined brutalizes and uglifies.

19. Little Fires Everywhere

We are the Takers, the Destroyers, the Laviathan, the Master, the Civilization, little fires everywhere. Let us enlighten, attain and refine you or the barbed wired social and economic conditions await you. Resistance is futile, and obedience, is the only way to survive the “tough” conditions, here at the refinery of civilization, on the way to the slaughter-house.

17. For This is America, and We are Better than That!

They kill protesters by the dozen by police cars in other countries, they jail journalists, authors, all the time for the smallest things, and gas, torture their own citizens, stage “confessions” on Television, and hold fake elections, and we over here complain about “our president” tear-gassing a bunch of peaceful protesters, and walking across to a burned church for a photo-up! We “voice” our opinions from the comfort of our homes! And scream! “No this is not what America is all about”!

16. Comfortably Numb-ber 6

We shall call it by several names: sadness, melancholy, unhappiness, despondency, hopelessness, depression, loneliness, lonesomeness, disheartenment, dejection, low-spirits, pensive sadness, nostalgia, fuck-it-all-moment-of-no-one-loves-me-and-i-know-it. Us the citizens of this world, we all want it, feed off of it, and worship watching its “destructive forces”. We long for it to come and give us a reason to get attention, feel the need to confess to “being it”, and lick its many faces to get its last remains.

15. Comfortably Numb-ber 5

This is us! Angered, outraged. Look at us we are angry. We have watched a person die at the hands of the system, ten agonizing minutes of a human dying at the merciless hands of the beast, begging, pleading, as we watched, as they watched, as at that moment, we saw him give up, surrender, let go. George Floyd was murdered, and he simply let go. He breathed, he did everything the system had asked him to do in order to be “safe” from harm. He pleaded, he let them know he can’t breathe. He was unarmed. He called out for his mother, that he would do anything they want if they just let him breathe. And they didn’t. But why are we surprised? Why is this new? Just because we can take our phones out and capture it all, does it mean we have just realized what is happening? What has been happening? Do we even know ?

14. Jouissance: The Uncivilized Desire, A Shattering of Identity and Law

“what really counts is the strength we feel every time we don’t bow our heads, every time we destroy the false idols of civilization, every time our eyes meet those of our comrades along illegal paths, every time that our hands set fire to the symbols of Power. In those moments we don’t ask ourselves: ‘Will we win? Will we lose?’ In those moments we just fight.
Neither victory nor defeat is important, but only the beautiful shining of our eyes in combat.”

12. Comfortably Numb-ber 4

The next words you will see right now are : suicide, homicide, menticide, genocide. We can positively say, the first word you saw was suicide, the one you are seeing is suicide, and the one mostly stuck in your head is suicide. It is the one that has already made up your mind about this. We told you this, right here, is a waste of your time. And that you have followed along means you think you are a worthless piece of shit, a good for nothing, person. You want to end it all.

11. Comfortably Numb-ber 3

This is us lovers of liberty, brotherhood and prosperity. This is us the last of the good ones, lovers of the machine, and strong believers of its commitment to our wellbeing. No place for doubts, no time for fear, or second guessing. Give us our things, our things, our things, and pills and pills and pills, and we shall rise from the ashes, bigger, better, stronger, more beautiful, more powerful, and calm. Hushed lips, dead looks, zombies dancing in the blinding light.

10. Comfortably Numb-ber 2

Women, it is in our name, they have gone to wars, killed and been killed. In our names many have tortured, been tortured and died. Our names have been uttered to usher up new days, new laws, new world, new days. We have killed in the name of love, conquered and have been conquered. We have been jailed in the name of freedom, democracy, prostitution, and crimes of the heart, as they call it.

9. Comfortably Numb-ber 1

Are you there? Do you “feel” the strain of “freedom”, the hold of it, around your neck? Its shackles around you feet? You “Wild” thing. Are you there? Where is that “there”? What is it you are “afraid” of? To “lose” IT all? What is that? Your house? Your family? And your pets? The nice little picket fenced “life” you have got “going on” for you?

7. Feral Consciousness, A Book on the Art of Life

As he walks us from the unnatural to natural, from symbolic to Real, Langer embarks on this voyage allowing us to explore beyond the “cognitive framework” and limitations of language and get as far away from the mediation of the civilization, and to experience something "directly".

5. Lie of Family, Relationship, Intimacy

We are a population of strangers living in what we call society. An appalling state of being at the hands of our captors, our masters, and at the systematic brain washing of our institutions, church, family, government and education, etc. We are taught to “turn the other cheeck”, love our neighbor and not fuck anyone... Continue Reading →

4. Lie of “I Don’t Judge You”

Let’s call it like it is, and cut the crap! We all judge, have judged and will continue to judge ourselves, others and each other. We have been conditioned to “fake-accept”, “fake-tolerate” and think, are under this fucking illusion, that we have got it all figured out. We simply brush off a condescending comment by... Continue Reading →

3. Catastrophe is Not Near, It is Here

We refuse to see the shit pile of civilization dump in front of our eyes, and instead choose to imagine our wings of freedom, hovered mid-air, buffeted by the unbearable, inescapable storm of what we call progress, while hope of a better future lingers around!

2. Culture of Attitude of Gratitude

We are passing through a flow of emotions, sounds, spaces, avoidance, substances, gazes, and rooted, in every shape and form, to things, and last names, people, ancestors, places, memories, entanglements, aka, marriages, lovers, fighters, keepers, seekers, and comings and goings, events, with which we “define” ourselves.

1. The Brightness of an Illusory Future

The illusional future which never comes, and we are lead to believe we are to blame for not “deserving” the “best” for the “future”. That we “can do it”, with the “right attitude”, a little more “therapy “ , self “help”.

0. Spontaneous Resistance

To those who strike blows;
To those watching for the right moment;
To those looking for accomplices;
To those who are deserting;
To those who keep going;
To those getting organized;
To those wanting to build a revolutionary force, revolutionary because it’s sensitive; This modest contribution to an understanding of our time.

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