23. Let’s Bury Our Mother in Mother-Land

Exploit me, brainwash me, bend my will to your desires, “encourage” me to seek satisfaction, erection, elation, and euphoria, in the culture of maximum harm, of nonstop seeking, exploitation, and sell me to the highest bidder. “Grant” me individual “freedom”, and hold the noose over my head, in case I decide I don’t need “your freedom”. Make me beLIEve, and go numb to your abuse, and be “thankful” for breadcrumbs of exploited desires.

22. Revolt

The individual in revolt is a restless place between the night and the light, between construction and creation, between blue balls and orgasm. And more. The light itself is darkness. And that is all there is. The survival in which we are confined brutalizes and uglifies.

17. For This is America, and We are Better than That!

They kill protesters by the dozen by police cars in other countries, they jail journalists, authors, all the time for the smallest things, and gas, torture their own citizens, stage “confessions” on Television, and hold fake elections, and we over here complain about “our president” tear-gassing a bunch of peaceful protesters, and walking across to a burned church for a photo-up! We “voice” our opinions from the comfort of our homes! And scream! “No this is not what America is all about”!

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