30. After the Thrill is Gone

Nihilism, the practice of a profound corrosive skeptic, unrelentingly negates all symbolism, narratives, thought systems, ideologue, framing and control, and embraces negation, while burning through the affirmative lies and mass conscious disconnectedness.

We have been blinded since birth by the many layers of filters, disconnection and mediation, drilled into our brains as normal, the only way, and as the right way. Our so called normal, is defined in being isolated, beaten into submission and conformation to ideologies that symbolize, isolate, categorize and psycho-analyze.

We are wage-slaves in a masterfully designed economy- by which we are being dominated, exploited, bent into submission- that takes away the means to achieve the bare minimum, in order to make us keep working to barely survive. In the culture of maximum harm, we are among the encaged livestock, living in fancy picket fenced boxes, called homes, acquiring possessions, in conformity, in pursuit of happiness, survival and domestication, in normal, modernized societies.

We are living life in captivity as prisoners of civilization and its constant stronghold in several forms. Lies within lies, layers after layers of conditioning we can’t ignore, or get away from, drilled into our core, to keep us in the mediated.

“Making sense” through mediated symbolic thought, one that psychology refers to as discursive thought, has been drilled into our brains since birth. Reaching the void, the loss of meaning, the scarcity of hope, falling into despair, have all been no-no’s drilled into our brains as normal since birth.

Our training has been to see with filters, likes, dislikes, goals, achievements, meaning and analysis, language and positive affirmations, and not to see through the filters. Any negation of the thought process, anything against the status quo, is considered negative, and evil and dangerous. Our notion of self and the freedoms granted to us, along with the societal structures, and systems, are designed to enslave, manipulate, and to make us believe in an illusory future that never comes. The careful system of subjugation, to get us entangled into mass psychology, in hope of a better tomorrow. Annihilation happens when those walls are shattered, and filters are no longer.

It is when filters are shattered that we see through it all. All that had to make sense no longer does. We are scared now, since the forbidden dimension, without mediation, is within reach, but our training has emphasized to us that without meaning and hope, we are not to be. Damn! We are fucked!

The shock comes to us as the loss of meaning happens, and despondency kicks in after the utopia is no longer. That state of Nirvana, where we have been trained to fight the negative, ignore the lie, and be blinded by the filters and not question the slavery, the pain and agony of the culture of maximum harm. That state in which all must have a meaning, make sense and be planned, mediated and carefully analyzed to bear purpose and meaning, comes tumbling down. It happens when, due to our training, we try, and feel the need, to make sense of “it all”, and can not. “This can’t be happening”, we say, “this makes no sense”, we exclaim.

Slowly, as the void nears, and the despondency sets in, shrouded in darkness, we fall into despair, loss of hope manifests, and the will to live is overshadowed by suicidal despondency. Only after we are awakened and see through the lie, can we train ourselves to accept that there’s no other moment but now. Now with all there is. No future to hope for, nowhere to be or nothing to do. Only when we see through the toxicity and filters and that we are owned by mediated notions, can we begin to fight, resist and dismantle this toxic way of life at the core, taking jouissance in joyful rebellion.

The awakening sees through the filters, for living encoded by the dominant culture in each of us, only to see what we are subjugated to see: ideologies, isms, ists, color, identity, ethnicity, likes/dislikes, gender, and all the management schemes that reduce life and love to an object, a commodity to trade, win, cling to, achieve, purchase and to consume.

Words although powerless, hold power over us to a degree. We “use” them to manipulate the lie further. We are all slaves carrying the corpse of civilization on our backs. “Happy” slaves, crushed on a daily basis, and integrated into it all. Buying it all, and if we dare say “we are fucked” the response is: yes you are fucked. Now deal with it, live with and through it. And shut the hell up. But hey we are “free” to rant! “Free” to consume and vote and “voice” our “opinions”. We are politically correct scared little slaves, who are back into the cage at the scream of the oppressors.

Us, with our rights and privilages and freedoms. And our hope of better times to come. Us the enslaved, the blind, the believers, under subjugation, sublimation, domination. And as we suffer the pain, we rise, and for a moment, however futile, resist. Even after the thrill is gone, and hope is scarce.

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  1. Because “free will” is just another dominant illusion, we do not “decide” anything – we as beings go as the social and existential forces direct our synapses toward..
    Collapse is the future, but we as a species have miles to go before that, with many fossil-fueled wifi connections and nature walks to enjoy along the way as the corpses pile up. Life, love, and laughter- Cheers!

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