29. The Art of an American War

The spectacle is here. The so called crisis has arrived. The American Democracy is shaken to the core. Words are softly spoken, and we are all invited to “be patient”. The words are getting thrown around like paint on a paintbrush; in small doses, but with incredible force. “The integrity of the American Democracy has been jeopardized, it has been smothered!”, we exclaim in disbelief, and tweet in disgust! We have to protect it by all means, for America stands for fair and free elections. Our media outlets, carefully playing on our vulnerabilities, guide us through the usual mediation, glued to our screens, and helping us deal with our impatience. This is America after all, a Democratic nation, with patience as a virtue, and a deep belief in the process.

Oh the winds of progress, are here to heal and cure and save us all, only if we are patient, and let the process do its job. “Folks just keep faith”, we say. We project confidence and play with words, carefully chosen to trigger enough reactions to help us cling to the power we desperately want and seek.

The joker has arrived, and he is here to stay. The joke is on us, the citizens of this so called Democracy. We are the sheep, we are the herd, following the leader, the shepherd leading us to the slaughterhouse. We are all part of the spectacle. the spectacle with its colorful shades of red, white and blue, freedom and lies and manipulation.

The symphony keeps playing, the winds keep blowing, for progress needs a stage, it needs an audience, and victims, to be saved. Victims to be brought change and a brighter future and better days. So here we are, carry us, save us.

Let us save our so called Democratic Process, for we need a savior. Progress needs history, it needs “desperate measures”, and oh by the Grace of God, shall we be saved!! Just give us our “Democracy” back!

We have been blinded, bended to the master’s will, subjugated, and beaten into submission. Our eyes open wide, but in slumber, we have chosen a side and a color. Each needs a hand, a savior’s merciful caress. The enslaved fighting the enslaved, the blind leading the blind. Give us a color to paint over our despondency. Red you say? Blue I hear? A flag? The law? To defend, to protect, to survive? Freedom is just around the corner, only if… The so called savior is within reach, only if…. Better days are just around the corner only if… it’s on us, the inhabitants of this camp, to be and do and follow.

They shall protect us, our system, and our democracy. Us the imprisoned, us the enslaved, us the addicted, the subjugated, the blind. The winds of freedom… “Folks, just be patient. We got this.”