28. What does it mean to be an Anarcho-Nihilist?

If you are reading this, you might have googled the word Anarcho-Nihilist and then stumbled upon this page. Maybe you heard it from a random stranger, or maybe it was in a phrase in a book, or from a caption under a picture of two naked girls on Instagram, or maybe a word getting hash-tagged in an online campaign, a trending word on Twitter or the name of a book mentioned in a YouTube video shared by a Facebook page, and many many other daily encounters.

There could have been a definition on this page, and still one would have interpreted it to that which one has learned and been conditioned to see and understand. The how and the why’s, the do’s and the don’ts, laid out by the civilized. It’s through this mediation and education, that one is subjugated by that which invades, controls and subdues.

That which defines you, us: Our past experiences, upbringing, family history, ethnicity, education, major in college, church, job, our boss, society, organization, values and the moral code we so dearly adhere, or the self-development podcast we listen to, all have prepared us to analyze, visualize and categorize. The filters are everywhere, and the manipulation is deeply rooted in us all.

You and I, Us and Them, are nothing but words, words invented by society in which we are all manufactured to survive and thrive, survive. The animals that we are, being born of blood and filth, raised to buy into the big lie, while historical progress hands us a roadmap for success in the prison that we are. Illusions of freedom and better days only if we “do our part”. That which will only lead us to the slaughterhouse in silence. In silence, because we are led to beLIEve that we are being protected and cared for, and any act of sabotage will be severely punished.

We are the inhabitants of the Concentration Camp of Civilization, a place designed to keep us subdued, intimidated and to eradicate all possibilities for awakening and resistance. It is in this hopelessness and despondency, that we fight back against our oppressors, and embrace the act of resistance however futile. All the while, doing lager-time and exchanging normalcy for a moment of insurrection, spontaneous resistance and jouissance.

What is Anarchy? What are we when we call ourselves Anarchists? By calling ourselves anarchists, we are implying a commitment to the disruption of domination, and as Nihilists, we, unapologetically, embrace negation as the core of such positions. In Negation and Anarchy, and through anarcho-nihilism, we are challenged to use jouissance as a form of resisting the status quo, of what is. There is no road map, no definition, no must or how-to’s.

Like fugitives, living a fugitive’s existence: fleeting, transient, impermanent, in short, brief, passing encounters, we resist, we rebel, we rupture. And still, love brings us out of the shadows.

We are the feral iconoclasts singing the song of destruction and malady, of despondency, resistance, rupture, of eternal rebellion, of rebellious jouissance. All the while taking feelings of hopelessness and turning them into forms of rupture and joyous rebellion.

Because even when all is hopeless, and resistance seems futile, we refuse to be led to the slaughterhouse like sheep.

The commitment to pure negation manifests itself in jouissance, as we leave the past behind and let go of the future that never comes, and rejoice in moments of resistance, and are set free of fear of the outcome and punishment. A life enriched by resistance and the joy of the insurrection in the now.

Anarcho-Nihilism isn’t a religion or a thing to follow. No roadmaps to follow and nothing to do, be or define. This label, like many many others, was created by civilization, to define and separate, divide and to mediate and condition. To an Anarcho-nihilist, resistance is not about winning or losing, it’s not about making things better or making progress a goal of future. At the core of every act of resistance, lies joyful rebellion, and a commitment to liberatory action. Even in most despondent and hopeless situations, we find the jouissance to attack, as so not to bow our heads, but willfully-disobey, challenge, attack, and puncture the masters and false idols of civilization.

“We anarcho-nihilists… don’t talk about ‘transformation of social relations’ towards a more liberated view, we promulgate their total destruction and absolute annihilation. Only through total destruction of the current world of power… will it be possible to build something new. The deeper we destroy, the more freely will we be able to build.”

A conversation between anarchists taken from the book blessed is the flame by serafinski