26. In Pursuit of Happiness

From the cradle to the grave, from the moment we take our first agonizing cry, coming out of that wet, filthy, bloody, environment, called the womb, to the moment they cry with agony over our grave, we want it, we seek it we ask for it, life! We fight so hard to hold on to it as we take our first and last breaths and all that “life” is spent wanting more. More power, more love, more food, more air, more comfort, etc. etc

We cry, we cry with all our might as soon as we are born. In fact, not hearing a new born cry is one of the first signs of distress. Not hearing it cry is alarming, is agonizing. As parents, we want to hear that first cry more than anything. We hold our breaths to hear our baby’s first breath of life outside of the womb. And as soon as we hear it, oh the world stops, and it begins anew. We are born again with the birth of our baby’s first cry.

We welcome the baby to the agonizing concentration camp of civilization, of the world we have created for “him/her”. This is the price the baby pays for being let out of the womb, and replacing the amniotic fluid in the lungs with air. Its life is in our hands now. We will educate, and take the natural survival instincts away, and shape and mold the baby to our liking, to the outside world’s liking. We will parent, guide, and lead our child to “live your best life”. We will teach them to be logical, critical, practical, analytical, sensible and responsible, intellectual, and dependable, presentable and reasonable.

The machinery of life sucks us all in and we absurdly want to find who “we are”. We classify and categorize and want to teach our children the way. We possess views and call them our own, calling ourselves with different ists, following all isms of the world and educating ourselves to educate our kids. The kids we have a feeling are ours forever and we get to make them presentable to the slaughterhouse of life in concentration camp.

We acquire many possessions, work endlessly, plan and plan and plan and save and sacrifice for our children, for our children’s future and we put them first, as priorities over everything else. Mommy and daddy dearest, sinners, jokers, sinners and losers. But to our children we are the protectors, saviors and leaders. And we are proud, yes proud of all “we” have done and piled up for our kids.

In a culture of maximum harm, where all are exploited to just do, and never achieve but have hopes for better days, where all are led to believe the lies being fed to them by exploiters, we as parents, take pride in working on all fours for the future of our offspring. Oh the brightest of futures, guaranteed.