24. For The Soul of the Nation

For this is us, and we have arrived. We are here to save the soul of a nation plagued by a pandemic and the fear of the unknown. He hath taken and we shall give back, the soul, the life, the will to survive, the happiness, happy times, good times, better times. Oh yes! We have arrived to save the very corroded soul of a Nation grieving for the loss of its sense of belonging and pride and country. We have arrived, for you, to save you from the grips of power, the dictatorship, that which is holding you and pull you out of the cesspool of despondency, negation and hopelessness.

You see, we are simply a better choice, with no agenda of our own. We are that which will deliver you, cross you over to the thresholds, and give you back all that was taken from you. We are different. We are standing on the winds of progress, and are here to build it all again. Yes we can. We carefully, with all the might and political correctness, have chosen the elements of a psychological warfare, the play on words, colors, symbols and all the lies we call freedoms, and rights, and we are here, decisive, united, with our backs to the past, the filthy past, and our progressive faces to the future.

We are foregoing all the boundaries, all those which hold us back, all which He hath taken away. We are a Nation in mourning, in a pandemic, panic, despondent, hopeless, and in peril. The past four years have tarnished our Nation’s image, its credibility, its powerful civilized progress. And we are here to save the soul of a nation in peril and dismay.

We are not divided, we are different. Look at your two best choices, look at us, we are walking side by side, shoulder by shoulder, wearing neutral colors, and blue representing the party colors. Liberal, Democratic, progressive, side by side, white, black, shoulder to shoulder, that is us. For the Soul of the Nation, Biden Harris ticket has arrived. It has arrived to chime in an era of prosperity and the calm after the storm.

Look at the coordinated steps, the matching outfits, and that big flag in the background representing all that the Nation supposedly was and had and needs and will get. A remedy for its soul, a soul lost, and enslaved. Yes we are here to save you. Only if you give us the power.

One Nation under God. One Zoo of civilization, enslaved. And we shall lead. We shall prevail only if you want it. It’s in your hands and we can do this together. Together, one Nation on an Animal Farm. BeLIEvers. Under His Eye.