23. Reblogged post—Day 17: Means to Ends and Deadness

I am Resistance

As a child, one of the things I noticed about the world around me was that people (with the exception perhaps of my parents) looked at me and others, as a means to an end, the means – what use am I (you) for their end(s) whatever that want. “What good are you? What use are you? What good/use is it?” I would hear people ask about people, animals, things. I observed others looking at the worth of everything based on it’s usefulness. If whatever it was was  considered by people as useless then, it if seemed that the thing could be ignored, carelessly treated, neglected, acted aggressively toward, attacked, injured, and killed. I sensed that if I was not useful to the culture, to a person, I was worthless to both. This sense felt like a hole in the pit of my stomach, it troubled me deeply. I felt…

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