21. How Much is Your Survival Worth?—I Steal Yours, You Work to Buy It Back

Nothing has value in itself. All value, of our lives, and our “selves” is determined in relationship to a “thing”, a place where it can be exchanged for something else, and sold for a price tag, and to gain an equivalent value against something else.

One’s life, if it at all can be called that, has, by coercive design, been divided into units, bits and pieces of measured time, bits of which, one is compelled to sell in exchange to buy back one’s survival. The economy, and acquisition of property, exchange of commodity and work, are masterfully designed to dominate and exploit each and every one into enough submission to take away the means to achieve the bare minimum, and still work to barely survive.

“This Land is Your Land”, but let us take some here and some there. Let us own it, buy it, make it better, now you want it? A tiny piece of it? Then let us give you jobs, let us steal your time to do projects for which, we are going to pay you only enough to take care of your survival. The land is yours, but it belongs to us. And we are going to make sure you never have the means to acquire it.

The economical machine, gives one access to some and limits access to plenty more, for only a handful, the powerful, the wealthy, the machine can extract the wealth necessary for maintaining their power. Our life, time, things, and mind, are all ours, they say. But are they? Are we in control to create our own means of acquiring and the resources to created the simple conditions of our existence? Or are we just wage-slaves being coerced into selling our life, our existence of many-measured-pieces, into much less, and blackmailed into selling, to compensate for the purchase of not more than a few necessities and things?

The economy rules, and the production, the state, controls the resources available to the exploited class. All making sure the class struggles remain as “real”, as “futile”, as “unsolvable”, and requiring desperate measures, everything is measured in dollars and money and valued as commodity here for sale. The more the value, the more the cost, the more scarce, and the more scarce, the more resources are kept from the dependents to limit their ability to acquire their own and pursue their needs, desires, and aspirations. It is done to us rather than for us. It is taken away from us, stolen and we are paid in tiny pieces for which, we have to give our lives for in order to survive. The destruction of social order is what needs to happen for us to take back the capacity to create the conditions of our existence.

How much is your survival costing you? How much is it worth? What are you compelled to sell to buy back what was yours to begin with only to be stolen from you? What do you have to steal from the life of others to survive? What have you stolen today only to have it ripped away, to be transformed into commodity to be sold, purchased, exchanged and swallowed by hoarders?

How much is your wage-slavery worth?