Day 21: Resting in Awareness

That’s why we read this blog:

“To say what is is in this life system, is an imposition of Power. To rest in awareness with the divergence and convergences of thought and thought systems, is to see there is only one and it is a river, an ocean. An ocean of disconnection – the thinker and the thought.”

I am Resistance

For some years now I have been resting in awareness of what has happened, is happening, and will. At the same time seeing that past, present, and future are narratives and they are part of the lie. To rest in awareness in meditation, is to let the the thoughts and narratives come and go since no story is itself accurate. For example, to say I am a slave is a narrative based on the idea of being owned by a system for which there is no escape, to seek to escape it called mental illness. Now this already is a complex narrative that holds up well based on our conceptualization of the reality, but it is no way accepted because slavery was abolished in the US in 1865, sure it was.  What makes it complex is semantics and definitions and more so Power. To say what is is in this…

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