Who is your employer?

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“We trained to fear each other, the layers of overseers; parents, teachers, police, neighbors, culture, ideologies, fear them and those above us. We are taught to submit, respect those with Power, but it is Power over us we are taught to fear, the consequences of non-compliance with those rule and roles given us. Selves are imprinted reflecting the fragmentation of life of separation from the present, the immediate. The self of the employee, the slave, the underling. Connection reduced to use. What good are you if you have no use? What kind of person are you if you have useless? Can we think of anything more humiliating then being judged solely on of one can be used?”

I am Resistance

Feral Faun wrote in his book Feral Revolution:

The dependency of social individuals is not the same as the biological dependency of infants. Biological dependency ends once the child achieves adequate mobility and hand-and-eye coordination (in about five years). But in those five years, the social relationships of the family repress children’s desires, instill fear of the world into them and so submerge the potential for full, free, creative individuality beneath the layers of armoring which are the social individual, beneath the psychic dependency which makes us cling desperately to each other while we despise each other. All social relationships have their basis in the incompleteness produced by the repression of our passions and desires. Their basis is our need for each other, not our desire for each other. We are using each other. So every social relationship is an employer/employee relationship, which is why they seem always…

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