19. Little Fires Everywhere

“The sky is the limit”. “The American Dream”, is within reach, and “You Can Do It”. We have figured it all out and we are epitomizing it. You are your own limit! There is a certain way, a right way of living, and of Breathing and of dying. Fear, Hoard, Buy, Save, Keep it under lock and chain, Consume, Waste, Fear, Need and Repeat.

We make, breed and create you in the image of your thoughts, of us. We are the Takers, and Destroyers! We have burned all others in our way, drank the blood of our counter-civilized, and we have made it all the way up top! We see you, and we are taking even more, eliminating all in our path and reaching the most comfortable spot. We have taken it all, swallowed it up whole and you are invited to stand in line, to keep an open mind, and to get the help you need, to use the tools given to you, to hoard all you can get your hands on!

In order for you to be Us, to be Worthy, you need to live life exactly our way, move in our direction and breathe our recycled air. We have taken it all, bar none! We have set the standard. We are the standard. We are the Takers, the Civilized and the Sublimated. We are the children of the administration of fear, of systematic propaganda and we have “made it”. 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

We have it all. We are educated, have jobs, cars, homes, farms, technology at our finger tips and weapons of mass destruction, of systematic disconnection, elimination and domination. Our little fires everywhere. Let us trap your rivers and land for power and electricity. let us indoctrinate the fear of not having, not being and not belonging for you to become addicted to this culture of maximum harm, consumption and perfection.

And on your way, we teach you, to light your own fires, poisonous delusions, and keep destroying, dismantling all standing in your path until all is taken, to reach the maximum illusive Happiness, the-winner-takes-it-all mantra, and the bright future, with all its Things, all nice and balanced and harmonious, fast approaching.

This is the Utopia we are inviting you to: Where which not only do you appreciate what you are given and yearn for more and fear having less, but you also consume, crave, need, waste more to reach the maximum, and to turn more biomass into human mass, and more destruction to deface the land for your consumption needs.

Do not defect, keep you eyes on the Prize, do not lose sight of all self-preservation, and culture of fear, and production, of having more of getting the max, just for the sake of having it all, with maximum damage. Escape is futile, and is faced with harshest punishment, agony and misery. Fear it, its consequences of starvation, loneliness, abandonment and social and economical disasters, and enemies of your rights, freedom and life, crawling in your lands, taking your food, your things, and your illusory space, privilege and right.

Getting more, is the goal, and doing, getting, consuming, destroying, wasting more and more is the “norm”. More power, social status, amenities, creature-comforts, and the right way of getting it all lies in you bending on all fours and work, obey and light little fires everywhere. This Utopian place, this ready-made economics-of-happiness with all its power, pragmatism, and many forms of acquisition, is yours if you follow the right way, our way.

We are the Takers, the Destroyers, the Laviathan, the Master, the Civilization, little fires everywhere. Let us enlighten, attain and refine you or the barbed wired social and economic conditions await you. Resistance is futile, and obedience, is the only way to survive the “tough” conditions, here at the refinery of civilization, on the way to the slaughter-house.