18. For This is America, and We are Better than That 2

“This is us, the civilized. We are so wrapped up in our shit, the filth of civilization, and so beautifully brainwashed to think we are free to revolt!”

For how long are we to believe that we are getting what we want? For how long will we be scared into submission? For how long will the illusion of being free, of having rights and being privileged and entitled blind us? Are we at the crossroads? Is la jouissance winning over our fear of the futile?

We are a nation of democratic fuckups! We believe in the power of progress, change we can, change we see, change we want! Oh for the love of God, give us our daily bread, our iPads, iPhones, and Facebook likes, Instagram followers and we are going to revolutionize, bring about change and tweet our fuckups away under hashtags after hashtags. Oh yes sir! We have arrived! In democracy and the power of change we believe, and we shall rise, this time, to the tyranny of it all.

Oh we know it all. We get it all, and we understand what is the reason behind everything, and know all the moves our masters make. Submission, sublimation, manipulation, suppression, oppression, submissive, oppressive, and etc. Words being thrown around these days. We get it now! We see the light! Let us revolutionize, and organize and shout from the top of our lungs.

Let us shout it out loud! Let us peacefully protest and condemn those who loot and bring disobedience and chaos in! We have had enough! We want change! And we pick and choose the moments. You see not everything’s a trigger, and requires “action”. We are civilized law-abiding citizens who want no trouble but their “basic” civil and constitutional “rights”.

We are a bunch of fuckups who don’t care about anything but self-gratification! One day we are for this and another we are for that, this morning we are this and the next something else. The wind blows and we just jump on the bandwagon. Change my ass! Revolution?!

We are all civilized! Let us organize protests and have it televised! Let’s bring a child and use it as a prop, and a bible, too. We get it! We see it! The change is here and it’s near! Resisting and creating puncture. Well not when it doesn’t suit us, not when our job is at stake, or our “reputation” is up in flames.

Let’s drop the charade! Drop the act! And see this shit, see this filth as it is. This is all a spectacle. A show. A bad movie with horrible direction! It is election time! Chaos is needed! We are so naive thinking this is a new beginning so to speak! We think change is around the corner! We say this has been long coming!

This is us getting angry and blaming each other! I blame you and you blame me! You defend your side and I defend mine! You fight for your rights and attack mine! I call for your privileges to be revoked and you call for mine! Oh we hate each other! And they feed off of it! And we all hear those running the theater of maximum tragedy, lulling is into “fearless” submission through a systematic show of “force”, and “containment”, under the flag of “our own protection, our own good”. Because they tell us this is all hopeless and we need to peacefully protest if we want results! If we want to bring about real change!

This is us, the civilized. We are so wrapped up in our shit, the filth of civilization, and so beautifully brainwashed to think we are free to revolt! They are pinning us against each other to give us the illusion of a better future if we work hard for it. If we go against each other and choose sides, they say, we shall be spared the slaughterhouse. And we choose to believe. We fall for it every time, and with every breath we take a step according to the plan. The steps are carefully laid out, and all it take is follow that path they say.

When a “Man of God” asks us to gather round and protest we just do it! To hell with it we say, this is “our calling”. “We are dedicated”. This is our only chance to rise up against it all: the oppression, the neglect, the systematic hold on our throats.

When a “politician” calls us to gather round and protest we just do it! Oh let’s rise up we say! Let’s make change and take steps towards political correctness!

We organize protests to defend our “rights”! Rights, a sham of illusion created by those running the camp of civilization, to create a sense of freedom. Rights are not! When they have to be “given”. And we let the Men of God lead us and the politicians to light our way and we choose sides and colors and weapons of mass control! And we do it everyday, every time! Dogs in a cage in the hopes of a bone. Animals in the cages of the circus of civilization, very beautiful cages, beaten to submission to perform acts of revolution, submission and oppression. To “be given” rights, privileges, and brand new cages.

For this is America and we know better than this!

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