6. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,This Day, That Day Fuck Fiascoes

This is not a tribute to mothers and fathers and their “heroism”s. Bringing a child into the camp of civilization, and then helping with its brainwashing, turning it into another fucking slave, teaching it to be “compassionate”, “loving”, “in-fuckin’-dependent”, showing it how to immerse in self-sabotage, doesn’t make a hero out of us! Teaching the child to eat off of the corpse of civilization, flesh by flesh, and telling it to bend a knee to the masters only to bring itself closer to the inevitable, the execution at the hands of civilization, is neither a cause to be proud nor to be praised for.

We are breeding dogs, captives of the masters at the camp, slaved and beaten, to submission. They want us to be respectful of authority, and that, they say, starts at “home”. Home, this pathetic “feeling” of “family”, this first lie factory to be born into. They install a sense of belonging, of making a “union”. The machine has to run. The children of the “future” are to be born, bred, perfectly curated, preserved, kept, handled, and trained at the hands of their submissive, domesticated parents. This lab, this perfect little “dream”, is born, celebrated, and the “family” is given its first assignment: “to procreate”.

“Your children, belong to us”, is the carefully engineered deception hidden under the facade of “parenting skills”. be better parents they tell us. We follow in the exact footsteps of our parents, with a slightly different mantra: Yes we can! Yes we will! We will be “better” parents, fathers and mothers. No more “this and that”, no more “my way or highway”, we say no to “becoming” what we have dreaded about our parents. You see, as part of the “civilized society”, we have been trained to want more, “to rise to the occasion”, ” to overcome challenges”, and “make it happen”. At the camp of civilization, everything is so bright, and fuzzy, and hopeful.

The lab is ours to “decorate”. They give us a sense of “freedom”. “Do as you please”, they say. “This is your home, your rules” We knew it from the first day we wanted children; that sense of wanting it all, the difference, a second chance, to “achieve” whatever our own parents couldn’t. The captors give us this total sense of “being in control”. The systematic steps to child rearing, are all pre-planned, organized and carefully incorporated into our dominated minds. They have to make us ready, to “believe” the filthy facade. All of it, every little shameful act of it is ours to “design”. The handbook is provided to us.

The Preschool years, they call it, send the child from the lab, to the factory. Teach the child the subordination skills. “Say yes, please and thank you”, they say. “Be gentle but firm”, they say. “The child is free they say”. And we do it: we say yes, please and thank you, because we are “parents and role models”. We let go of their tiny little hands and send them away. They cry and cry and hate every second of it, but to us, beaten slaves, this is for the child’s own “good”.

At the camp, we are working day and night, carrying the corpse of civilization on our backs, working for the masters, with a fake smile on our faces and our tunnel vision “mentality”. The child is no longer “ours”, the second we let its hand go that first day of school. And we do it every year, and the more the child goes to school, the more we “let go”. Elementary, middle school, high school, all the step by step indoctrination at the hands of the masters. The child is now part of “it” all. The child calls the lab home, mimics its parents, and tries to “do good, be good, work hard”. The child goes to “school”, because that all it’s been told to do. so it does. the child does it all.

A mother and a father is just a name the captors have given two beaten dogs in captivity bred in the lab. And the child suffers at the hands of parents, for from its first breath, it is just another dog, in the filthy cage that’s holding other dogs captive. We are nothing but recycled children to parents and parents to children. The machine must run. It must “manage us”, by making a day for everything. A huge masquerade of consumerism, and the “bright future” mentality. A mask to hide the freak show of tormented slaves, waiting to be led to the slaughterhouse. all dressed up in “hope” and “love” and smiles! Mother approves, father smiles, and the children are “happy”. The children of Anti-depressants, mind games, mind-control, therapy, all because the parents, “said so”, those who “make it”, are killed at the slaughter house, and those who “give up” the masters say, were doomed from the get go, for death at the hands of captors has never been been more “rewarding”.