4. Lie of “I Don’t Judge You”

Let’s call it like it is, and cut the crap! We all judge, have judged and will continue to judge ourselves, others and each other.

We have been conditioned to “fake-accept”, “fake-tolerate” and think, are under this fucking illusion, that we have got it all figured out. We simply brush off a condescending comment by “ you are being judgmental “ with a fake smile, and expect the person to come to an “ aha moment” and “ see through it all”. Because nooooo, we never judge, we just share, we just observe, we just have a beautiful recyclable spew of words. But no, we ain’t judgin’. I don’t judge you, you don’t judge me. Live and let live.

We pass judgments whenever we write a blog on “10 reasons why you shouldn’t judge others”, and speak “against judging” someone at meetings or make a comment on social media about “why” someone is being “ judgmental” about an issue or an individual . Every time we “like” a post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, we are making a judgment on someone’s appearance or way of thought or their representation of themselves.

You see, we are all in the “ business” of representing! It’s that facade, that nauseating, appalling illusion of a play on words. Of “ looking “ a certain way, of “acting” a certain way. A naked body of a woman , gets judged, her choice of posting that picture gets judged by every like and comment. Every time we quote a book and add our “thoughts” to it, we are judging. Every time we choose to ignore the shit around us, or choose to acknowledge and see through the shit around us, and getting angry over it, we are judging; we just call it a different word.

Of course we all judge. We were conditioned to. We are all children of fucking anger management, “say no to violence”, and the culture of “tolerance and letting go”. What the fuck does that even mean? They shove this bullshit in our heads, among other preconditions, and assumptions that we need not to judge. Then they “ask” us, to get into a cycle of “self acceptance and love”, “ tolerance and letting go” , all the bs they have put in our heads and now, like every single thing the masters have “taught” us, now they tell us to “get rid of” it. You see here at the camp of civilization, all we “think we are” is no longer. We are and have been what our captors, have wanted us to be, to see and to feel. Our captors have given us, will continue to give us “the tools for self expression”, “self discovery and love”, of “loving yourself for who you are and take others for what they are”. But we are beaten docile, abused slaves and dogs beaten to submission. We are scared, fearful of rejection and being alone, of being “judged” and dumped aside. The captors, have asked us for submission and we are afraid of retribution, of punishment, and rejection. We don’t call it ignorance, we call it “silence”. We have become these little slaves, these littles dogs, in search of a tiny small bit of that bone. They tell us, teach us, tell us not to judge, and yet they “judge” us for wanting to judge.

And why the fuck shouldn’t we and can’t we judge? We love, we hate, (and don’t say we don’t, we hate civilization), and we judge too. Well in the business of propaganda and representation, we have been given the illusory feeling of “freedom of choice” . The rest is just a play on that. “I accept you for the choices you have made and respect you for it, and won’t judge you for it”, is just a mask hiding our fears, our ignorance and nonchalantly avoiding a confrontation. Every time we get angry, frustrated, sad, happy, envious, and such, we ARE JUDGING. Judgment is present in our every day decisions. Of course we judge, we are just too scared, too much of a coward to voice it. Because it is part of that fear of “being judged”. We hide behind the mask of sarcasm, satire, and many other isms, to condemn, comment about and attack, and by just adding the words “I am not judging”, we go back into our cages. The captors are proud.

The whole notion of “I don’t judge is a lie. A very big lie. We at the camp of civilization we have the illusory “freedom” of “ choosing our own paths”. We become activist, communists, progressives, liberals, choose the left or right wing, fascism, capitalism, anarchism, etc. We take sides and judge! When we vote, or dismiss a blog post or a comment, we are judging. Some of us do see and acknowledge that we judge each other, voice it!and are unapologetically loud about it! And we refuse to use that pathetic sentence after we have already passed the judgment, and own up to the fact that yes! I just judged! Fuck anyone else who judges us for it! A dog in captivity is still a dog covered in filth and its so called “freedom” , and “ acceptance” is a lie. A captive is still a captive, fearful of the captors’ rage. And no words, no play on words, will change the reality of this contaminated corpse.