3. Catastrophe is Not Near, It is Here

“Blinded temporarily, a falcon suffers the whims of her God patiently, until her will is submerged and she learns to serve”

The Mask of the Red Death

Years and years of pacification and containment of historic upheavals, and democratic anesthesia have dulled our perception of the real. A white noise of some sort, on the TV playing slogans of change and progress, space is only noise that we can see. Reacting to the news of the day, instead of understanding each event as another stratagem of the theatre of the camp of civilization. All maneuvers to provoke another reaction in the long chain of manipulation.

We are hostages who have fallen for the promise of better days of an illusory bright future, that is not. Our hatred of the captors, has been lulled away by a false sense of security, freedom and capitalist activism. We have been spit on, dominated, controlled, shackled and beaten to submission, and still we do it, we see humanity in the oppression. We critique the state of things, of the society, of laws and regulations, and we refer to the constitution in demanding our rights of “freedom”, in the vain hope of saving this civilization. while carrying the facade of the camp civilization on our backs, we feed our egos through its vains, and work, work and work to bring about “change”, for progress, exploitation and heroic acts of getting attention.

We refuse to see the shit pile of civilization dump in front of our eyes, and instead choose to imagine our wings of freedom, hovered mid-air, buffeted by the unbearable, inescapable storm of what we call progress, while hope of a better future lingers around!

What we are faced with, is not a “crisis” of society but the extinction of civilization. We uselessly wait for a breakthrough, for the right time, for the exact right moment, movement, crisis, like mad chained monkeys in a beautifully decorated cage, mimicking and making noises of content, and refusing to acknowledge that we have been situated within the collapse of a civilization. It is in this reality that we must choose to decide on the death of civilization. Only decision will rid us of the filthy corpse.

“we live in a reality now, a time where I would say to anyone, protect your spirit – protect your spirit because you are in a place where spirits get eaten.”

John Trudell