2. Culture of Attitude of Gratitude

He is an “influencer”, with made-up face and carefully-put-on-magnetic eyelashes. His “preferred pronoun” is she. “She” is wearing a scarf and she has around 15576 followers. The video is very short, with hashtag #atitudeofgratitude. In it she is talking to her followers about the need to seek “support and stay positive during this crisis”. She is 25 years old and is doing this because her therapist suggested she needs to “practice an attitude of gratitude” every single day. She checks her Twitter, and sends out a tweet. “Hangin’ out with my boo! #gratefulforlife #thistooshallpass #staystrong #socialdistancing

We are passing through a flow of emotions, sounds, spaces, avoidance, substances, gazes, and rooted, in every shape and form, to things, and last names, people, ancestors, places, memories, entanglements, aka, marriages, lovers, fighters, keepers, seekers, and comings and goings, events, with which we “define” ourselves.

We take pride in our sports teams, embrace the sexual “revolution”, and treat our “identity” as something that can not be taken away from us, without realization that is anything but. The being that says “I“, me, my, mine,self, self-isolation, self-discovery, self-made, self-such and-such, all feeding into our foolish illusive belief in the permanence of “self”, as if “I” is truly something that makes us “who” we are. Who are we? At the camp of civilization, we are under the illusion that we are in charge, that we have something that “belongs” to us, something that “makes” us, and that no one can “take away” from us. We guard that sense of belonging, and are subjugated not to disobey. We have been expropriated from everything, until nothing remains but the illusive “hope for the future”. A future that is no more! Hope! This four letter word, among many other words used at the camp of civilization, to cover the filthy here and now, to explain away, and kill any desire for change or revolt, resist and abolish.

The “mind” games of repetitive control, by design, the therapeutic characters of civilization, fine paranoiac “self-made” particles that we are, searching for an illusive self who is on a quest to “discovery”, “rediscovery” and “being born again”, in order to be and to become more and meet its “full potential”, to achieve a better “tomorrow”. We parade it gallantly, majestically, like a bride on a horse and carriage rushing into her prince’s arms and finding her “happy ending”.

We refuse to see that we no longer “belong”, that all that we think “belongs” to us, has been torn away long time ago. that we are all foreigners, passers through at the camp of civilization, guests of our family units, churches, schools and clubs, social milieus and such, where our desires for resistance, go to die and reincarnated as obedient fine paranoiac particles. Our children belong to the TV and game consoles and the internet, while chasing “happiness” in guys, girls, games, “influencers”, “silence”, “spirituality”, “mindfulness”, and “manifestation”.

Attitude, they tell us, will make or break us. As breeding dogs in the filthy cage, we have been trained to be grateful, to jump for joy, at the site of the bone.

We normalize profiteering, and we champion our “heroes“ at the time of “crisis”. And are “grateful” to be given the “facts”, the “numbers” and figures during a “crisis”. We join social milieus, cultural and sports clubs and do their betting for them, to tighten the harsh civilization’s hold on us through policing the cities, bringing “safety” to our neighborhoods. Every street camera that turns, every video call that gets recorded, all the “online consent” we click on and all the credit cards we swipe, all the mass personalization, is taking us closer to the slaughter house. Now we not only are in quest for a “better future”, but we are only finding “hope” in “online support groups”, and private session online “counseling”, and clutching out our plastic, shiny cards as our only lifeline.

Because of this culture of gratitude and hope, we are constantly disappointed, let down, shocked, in “need of therapy”, having to “talk things through”.

In negation, on the other hand, there is no hope, no happy place to get to, and therefore no disappointment, just attuned slaves of camp of civilization, attuned to the filthy here and now and resisting the hold of the past and the future that is no future. Those of us who see through the filth and moving through it all, are just experiencing, those who refuse to let go of their desire to puncture the facade of the master and those who have nothing to lose, who attack, however hopeless and futile the now is, need to wake up. Civilization is not just a harsh reality hovering over our heads, waving at us. No it holds us, is holding us in its mouth, giving us the illusion that we are freely flying, and are masters of our own domain. And that they are “protecting “ us and keeping us secure. Wake up now! Get angry, Be angry, and resist, no matter how futile and overwhelming the now is. Here and now and being aware of it, focusing on it, breathing it, is all there is, at the camp, death is the truth and resistance must be spontaneous.