1. The Brightness of an Illusory Future

We are living under tyranny of progress and the illusion of having a future. The Culture of I am who I am and I am strong and want to be different, to be oneself and to drink my Kombucha. We want to “be someone” and we teach our kids to be “someones” of an illusion called the future, all marching towards an illusionary cure, and becoming therapeutic objects that we ourselves, became long time ago. All the crap about self-expression and self-control and all the nauseating emotional drama. And the need “to figure it all out”, and manage it, control it, share it, make sense of it, analyze it. The more we try to find our “ selves “ the more lost we get. All that need installed in us, carefully engineered in us, to be, and feel fulfilled, loved and appreciated.

Like slaved addicts begging for our next fix at the hands of our masters, or breeding dogs in a cage filled with filth and urine, happy to get thrown a bone from the hands of the captors. Grateful for the bone and forgetting that the captors put us there in the first place, and have conditioned us to need them, to want more, and to feel helpless without them. They have even given us the “tools” to cope with while in captivity, provided us with “ safety “ and tell us not to leave the cage for our own safety.

I am me and you are you and something is wrong, but I am not judging and you can form your opinion and I won’t change it for you. A slogan so innocent and so soft to the ears, a Trojan horse, creeping domination into our lives.

We work ourselves to death, meanwhile we manage, are managed, handled by our masters. The business of “being somebody” and work and make money, because without it the “future“, and that of the children’s, will be jeopardized. We crawl on all fours, to “secure“ that promotion which according to the masters, will set us up for life. The illusional future which never comes, and we are lead to believe we are to blame for not “deserving” the “best” for the “future”. That we “can do it”, with the “right attitude”, a little more “therapy “ , self “help”. If we “only ask for help”. We are given classes and workshops on how to “achieve“ a great “future” and self accept. We don’t question, we meditate and breathe and take self-help online seminars, fill our libraries with books on time-management, self-help books and the path to “desire” roadmaps and how-to guides. How to be successful, how to be a better lover, how to understand each other’s life, work and misery… better. How to love ten people at a time, How to fuck three at a time, how to communicate with two at a time, and how to post pictures about all of it on Instagram, with the hashtag #iamwhoiam and when to post to get the most likes and how to hide “negative” comments, negative people, online trolls and bullies. Because you see, negation has no place in our life.

Never mind we are merely existing, an illusion that we have a “life” while we are only passers through at the camp of civilization, with the promise of a “better tomorrow”. You see, we are happy people, we are a happy society! We don’t give a fuck about “negative people”, we think happy thoughts and we visualize. Because if we visualize “happiness” we shall receive… tomorrow. We do yoga five times a week, drink the precise amount of glasses of water a day, read, learn, blog, find a cause to obsess over, put it on Instagram, send tweets over and advocate for equality and progress and change and pay for the poor and advertise about it and keep the receipts “for tax purposes”. We create routines, workout in front of mirrors hashtag self-confidence, and drive environmentally sustainable cars, respect “our differences” and drink the kool-aid.

We are lovers of all beings, advocate for “freedom”, “equality”, “liberty and justice for all”. We choose “sides”, we “stand up”. We “vote” Republican over Democrat and vise versa, we gather around all in a room, and “engage in dialogue” and we don’t give a fuck if we are lead into the slaughterhouse, to be used and manipulated and discarded. We have no reason to resist because you see we are working for a “better tomorrow“. We advocate for the rights of the few and the environment, and we parent our kids and teach them to be model citizens of tomorrow, and to do the same, to be compassionate and loving and forgiving while we are leading them to their extinction at the hands of the masters, to be controlled by the systematic brainwashing process of education now to be subjugated tomorrow.

We don’t give a fuck that tomorrow never comes, that tomorrow never is. We simply don’t “care” we don’t see it. We have gone blind and deaf to it. We don’t live in the now, because that’s not what the masters want us to see. We are addicted to this nauseating culture of creating a bright future. That combined with clinging to a past, and trying to control it by letting the system dictate our every move, makes us “happy”.